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Tom Brydon-SmithTom Brydon-Smith
Tuesdays from 16:30 pm to 20:30pm & Thursdays from 12:30pm to 20:30pm

Tom became interested in acupuncture when he received treatment himself.  ‘The significance of change was too much to ignore.  I simply had to find out more about this dynamic medicine’.

Tom is trained in the integrated style of Chinese medicine which draws on the strengths of both TCM Five Element and Western acupuncture, using techniques such as moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and auricular acupuncture in his practice.  Tom believes that the integrated style enables him to support people in achieving both physical and emotional health.

A large part of Tom’s practice is made up of fertility clients and he has actively worked in this area for a number of years.  ‘There are so many rewarding aspects of my work but supporting patients in a combined approach to the best possible levels of reproductive health, is the most fulfilling’.

Tom is passionate about what he does and encourages you to get in touch to discuss your specific treatment needs.

Tom is an active member of the BAcC (, the main regulatory body for traditional acupuncture in the UK and holds a Licentiate in Acupuncture and a BSc in Pathobiology

Tom has experience in treating both babies and children.  The fee for children’s treatments may differ, depending on diagnosis.  Please speak to Tom directly about this.



Membership with the British Acupuncture Council 957956
Insurance with the British Acupuncture Council
Licentiate in Acupuncture
License to Practice Acupuncture in Bristol City Council


Initial consultation and treatment - £40 for up to 75 minutes
Follow up treatments - £40 for up to 45 minutes

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07766 56 36 50

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