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Bristol Ear Care – A high quality and caring ear wax removal service
~Microsuction removal~
~Manual removal with instrumentation~

Are you suffering from a build-up of ear wax, causing hearing loss, discomfort or a blocked feeling? Let Bristol Ear Care offer you wax removal as a gentle treatment.

Bristol Ear Care is run by Faye Clifford
Aural Specialist Care Nurse (PG Dip Ear Care and audiology services)

‘I believe that everyone should be able to access high quality, caring and affordable ear wax removal’

‘I have been a nurse for 10 years and specialised in ear care, in 2014.  I am also a speech and language therapist and qualified in 2005.  I currently split my time between working for the NHS and independent ear care practice’.

What is ear wax?
Your ears naturally produce earwax from sebaceous and ceruminous glands, in the ear canal, to keep them clean and healthy.   Ear wax consists of oils, wax, dead skin cells, trapped dust and dirt molecules.  It can be yellow or brown, wet, sticky or dry and as it is slightly acidic it is antibacterial.  Build-up of ear wax is a common problem.

When should ear wax be removed?
Ear wax usually passes out of the ear canal on its own, but sometimes it builds up leading to a blockage that can restrict your ability to hear, cause itching, earache, discomfort and a blocked feeling.   It may be a good idea to have an assessment and have excessive wax removed if necessary.

What is microsuction wax removal?
Microsuction ear wax removal is a relatively straightforward short procedure.  A tiny suction probe is placed into the ear canal to gently suction out excessive wax.  This is guided by binocular magnification.  It can be uncomfortable but should not be painful.  If the wax is very dry and hard, it may cause a little discomfort.  If necessary, the procedure can continue on a second session, after some wax softening treatment.  Occasionally, microsuction can cause dizziness, but usually passes in a few seconds.

What is manual removal with instrumentation?
Occasionally, other instruments to remove hard wax may be necessary. The Jobson Horn is a thin probe instrument with a looped end.  The end of the Jobson Horn is carefully inserted into the ear canal to clear the ear canal of wax.  Crocodile forceps have small fine jaws, which are used to ‘grab’ ear wax and gently remove it with accurate precision and control.  The use of binocular magnification is used to guide instrumentation removal.

What if my hearing loss or discomfort is not due to wax build-up?
Should an infection or any other cause for concern be found, before or after wax removal, you will be advised to see your GP for further examination or treatments.  Treatment often includes antibiotic ear drops, sprays, capsules or tablets, for infections.


Aural Specialist Care Nurse
PG Dip Ear Care and audiology services


Microsuction and/or manual wax removal of one ear £50 or both ears £65
Discounts and offers: One ear £50 or both ears £55 with concession (over 65 years)

Contact Information:

Tel: 07541 81 80 04

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