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Caroline Girgensons - B.ED (Hons) MTI


What is holistic massage therapy?

As a holistic therapist I treat clients as individuals and tailor the treatment to meet their specific needs.  Holistic massage is the therapeutic and sensitive use of touch, adapted to a client's unique physical and emotional requirements, in order to promote positive change.  Massage is suitable for everyone.  It can encourage deep relaxation therapy thereby enabling the body to release stress, tension and anxiety; furthering your own healing potential.  Regular holistic massage can help you relax, rejuvenate and feel revitalised by releasing emotional and physical tension and promoting general well-being.  It can bring you back in touch with yourself.


Regular massage has many benefits and can help to:

  • Relieve muscular aches and strains.
  • Ease and reduce chronic pain and tension.
  • Improve muscle tone and joint flexibility.
  • Release endorphins - the body's natural painkiller.
  • Reduce headaches and migraine.
  • Promote better sleep.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Promote positive health during pregnancy.
  • Reduce mental stress and anxiety.
  • Revitalise your spirit and energise your body.
  • Encourage healing - post injury and illness.
  • Aid and relax breathing.
  • Balance the body's systems to promote well-being.
  • Relax mind, body and spirit.

A massage treatment:

Your massage session will always begin and end with a conversation - to establish and agree the most appropriate massage for you.  I have an intuitive approach and work sensitively with clients.  Massage work can be light and gentle, an acknowledgement of the body, or you may prefer a firmer touch, working deeper into the muscles.  Specific problems can be addressed with a range of massage techniques, also joint mobilisation, trigger points and breathing, stretching, rocking or holding and energy holds.  We will work together to encourage healing and relaxation, to restore and balance you.  A holistic massage provides a quiet time and space for you to relax away from your everyday activities and pressures.  We can manage our demanding lives if we look after ourselves at the same time. 


Indian head massage

Indian head massage takes place as a seated massage treatment.  I use a range of different techniques in flowing sequence of massage movements over the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp areas.  In addition I will also gently stimulate and stroke pressure points on the face.  The session will usually last about 30 minutes.  It can be a very powerful experience.


Indian head massage is an excellent treatment for those of us who have little spare time.  It is especially good for office and computer workers who build tension patterns in the upper back, neck and shoulders, through postural habits.  Indian head massage can relieve fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinusitis.  It is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress and tension.  Clients report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing; leaving them feeling energised and revitalised, and better able to concentrate.



Reiki is a holistic treatment simultaneously acting on a physical, mental and emotional level.  Clients come to Reiki for a wide range of reasons such as seeking relief from physical pain, emotional clearing and establishing greater mental clarity.  It can be used to help with any ailment or disease.  Reiki is also excellent at relieving stress and its associated symptoms, as well as boosting the immune system and reviving energy levels.  Reiki can benefit everyone.  It is kind to your body and is safe and gentle.


The energy of your body and that of the practitioner work together to bring you back to health and balance.  Recognising the link between mind and body, Reiki works holistically, ensuring your emotions support your body's move to wellness.  As a result, Reiki can begin to assist you in other areas of your life, as you find balance in body, mind and spirit.  Relaxation is an integral part of the treatment; as such it is an excellent way of reducing stress and can therefore be as appropriate in the prevention of illness and maintenance of good health, as it can be in the managing of a specific condition.  Some common benefits are: reduction of physical pain, deep relaxation during the session, which is retained; improved sleep patterns, mental clarity, increased wellbeing; feelings of calmness.  Reiki and massage are a wonderful combination and can be combined as a treatment.


About myself

I trained with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB), and qualified in February 2010.  I have diplomas in both Holistic Massage Therapy and Indian Head Massage.  I am a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  I undertake regular professional development on an on-going basis choosing courses prompted and supported by my work with regular clients and those suggested by my own needs and interests.  I am currently pursuing these interests through courses in Pregnancy Massage and further Reiki training.


I participate regularly as a volunteer massage therapist with the Rainbow Trust.  This children's charity provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.


As a registered CHNC and Massage Training Institute practitioner, I have public and professional liability insurance with Balens.  I gained my teaching degree in Bristol in 1987.




BEd (Hons) Degree in Education / Qualified Primary School Teacher


Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage and Bodywork - MTI

Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage – MTI

Acupressure Facial Therapy

Massage and Pregnancy Level 1

Integrated Myofascial Therapy Pt 1 & 2


Reiki Level 3 Master Practitioner


Registered with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Member of Massage Training Institute (MTI)

Member of UK Reiki Federation




(First appointment includes a free 15 min consultation so please allow longer)

Holistic Massage: £48 - 1 hour;

£30 - half an hour;

Indian Head Massage - £30

Reiki - £45

Massage & Reiki combination: £50 -1 hour;  £70 - 90mins

Acupressure Facial Therapy -£48



I offer advance block booking discounts for pregnant clients, and concessions as appropriate. 



Gift vouchers are available. Either from Caroline or ask at reception.

Health Insurance: As a member of CNHC, Caroline is recognised by some health insurance companies. If you wish to make a claim from your health or workplace insurer I will provide a receipt. (eg Healthshield)



I also practise at The Fishponds Practice - and The Harbourside Practice -


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