Haidee Harvey-Brown: Nutrional Therapist

Thursdays 16:30-20:30

Hi there, my name's Haidee, and I’m a qualified nutritional therapist. After years of studying and experiencing first hand the transformative and healing effects of consuming nutrient dense wholefoods, alongside other positive lifestyle changes, I am passionate about helping you understand how the foods you eat, your environment, and your daily habits affect how you feel and function both mentally and physically. I support individuals with a variety of conditions and goals through personalised plans, and regular accountability and feedback, to eat well, and form good habits for better health and happiness.

I believe that being healthier, happier, and stronger against whatever life throws our way involves;

  • Nourishing our body with real unprocessed foods

  • Prioritising time for resting and recharging

  • Moving as our bodies are built to, and

  • Building positive daily habits

I love working with others to uncover the root cause of symptoms, identify nutritional imbalances, and overcome challenges to reach their health and wellness goals. With this individualized approach I can support clients with a range of conditions including; diabetes, high cholesterol, IBS, skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis, thyroid problems, food sensitivities, anxiety, arthritis, and hormonal imbalances.  

If your looking to achieve increased energy, improved mood and focus, better digestion, glowing skin,or healthy and sustainable weight loss get in contact for an initial consultation.

For those with athletic/performance based goals, seeking extra nutritional guidance, I am also taking on sports nutrition clients.

Consultations are available in clinic every Thursday evening (16:30-20:00)

Follow up appointments can also be had online on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Contact details;