Lucy Patterson and Linda Thomas: Nutritional Therapy

Thursdays 10.00-20.30

Lucy:  Nutritional Therapy recognises that food is not simply calories.  The profession utilises the latest scientific research to understand, identify and apply knowledge about specific properties food contains.  Understanding that each person is unique with individual biochemical requirements, nutritional therapy can help to identify the foods and nutrients necessary to encourage great health and for you to feel your best.  Biochemical testing may be recommended where appropriate.  A supervised short term programme of supplements may also be recommended to help support the body to achieve optimal health alongside dietary changes.
Nutritional therapy recognises bodily systems are connected and that when one system is out of balance it can have a 'knock on effect' on other systems.  Rather than relying on a 'one size fits all' approach, nutritional therapy tailors its approach to the individual, meaning it is appropriate for you and not just your 'symptoms'. 
Lucy Patterson Ba (Hons) Dip ION, FdSc, mBANT and CNHC is an ION graduate and a full member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council.  Lucy is fully trained in Functional Medicine and will support your health using an evidenced based scientific approach. Lucy passionately believes in the power of nutrition and the effect it can have on every aspect of our health and well being. She has a special interest in gut health, female health and hormonal imbalances including fertility, and weight management.
Lucy works as lead Nutrition Practitioner for Foresight Preconception three days per week supporting individuals on their path to conception. Lucy has set up Community Interest Company Community Health and Wellbeing, which delivers training courses to third sector agencies on how to improve nutrition for their service users. 
Lucy has previously worked as Nutrition Consultant and Functional Food expert for international award winning retreat company Bodhimaya, children's charity Clover House, corporate wellness company Work Life Body and addiction rehabilitation service Bayberry Ltd. She has also worked in pharmacies as part of a new project called Face to Face Wellbeing Centres which see's BANT registered Nutritional Therapists working out of high street pharmacies. 
Lucy has featured in the Bristol Evening Post and in the Guardian newspapers discussing nutrition and functional foods.
Please contact Lucy on 07585 331 374 or email or visit for more information.
Appointments with Lucy
£95 for a 60 minute initial consultation.
£120 for a 1.5 hour complex case initial consultation (please advise on booking if you have numerous test results you are bringing, or simply require a longer appointment to discuss a long term, chronic health condition).
£75 for a 45 minute follow up.
£50 for a phone or skype Q&A session in between appointments.
Please note Lucy is currently only available for Skype appointments due to overseas travel with a client .  Lucy can accept card, cash or cheque payments.
Metabolic Balance trained, Lucy is now able to offer an award winning scientific weight management program.  Please see for more details. Please contact Lucy for information regarding the Metabolic Balance program and packages.
Lucy is insured with Zurich Insurance Services.

Linda trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated as a Nutritional Therapist in 2015. She has been working as a therapist since that time and gained experience in different settings, including working at a health retreat and as an assistant supervisor at the CNM in Bristol. Linda also gives talks and presentations to groups on a wide range of health issues, including weight loss, digestive function and fatigue.

Linda is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC).  Linda has long had an interest in the connection between food and health, and it was whilst raising her son that she decided to turn this interest in diet and healthy lifestyle into a career.


Nutritional therapy recognises that we are all individuals, with unique histories, genetics and nutritional requirements. This means that the therapist provides personal, tailored plans which take all of these factors into account for each client. The plans are reviewed and adjusted regularly as an individual’s circumstances change over time, perhaps due to becoming a parent, or suffering an illness, or natural, age related issues such as reaching the menopause. 
Linda says “Nutrition is about how food is more than just a tasty meal. It is the gateway to our health, energy and feelings of wellbeing. Nutritional therapy enables us to address the root causes, not just the symptoms, of ill health. It acknowledges that if one system of the body is not functioning well then this negatively affects the others, so the aim is to regain balance throughout the body”.


The three year training course which Linda undertook to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist provided sound experience of supporting many diverse areas of health and also covered recent developments in emerging areas of research including the role of an individual’s genetics, research in gut bacteria and changing guidance on the role of different nutrients in our diet. The course also included over 200 hours of clinic experience which provided a wide range of real life cases in which to use the knowledge gained from the course.


Linda’s areas of particular interest and experience include digestive health, fatigue, older person’s health, hypothyroidism and detoxification.


Linda says “I love helping people to make changes which improve their health, and which benefit how they can live their everyday lives. Those changes may be big or small and often make a tremendous difference to their general wellbeing. It is very rewarding to be part of the positive effects people gain when they are motivated to improve their health and I really appreciate the opportunity to use my skills to help them feel at their best.”


Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and BANT.  Insured with Zurich Balens.


Appointments with Linda
£60 for a 60 minute initial consultation.
£45 for a 45 minute follow up.
£30 for a phone or skype Q&A session in between appointments.

Cash or cheque only.