Pam Taylor: Dr Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, Combined Decongestive Therapy and Massage Therapy

Mondays and Thursdays 16.30-20.30  Other times may be available.

About me

In 2008 when I achieved a distinction in my anatomy and physiology exam, I always knew that I would go on to study and specialise in one of the body systems but I didn't know which one.  One day my aromatherapy tutor suggested that I investigate manual lymph drainage (MLD) and I soon developed a passion for the lymphatic system and the physiology behind it.


Manual lymph drainage

MLD was invented by Dr Vodder and his wife, Estrid, in the 1930's.  It involves unique movements with the skin, by way of stretching and pumping; which in turn stimulates the superficial lymphatic vessels which lie in the cutis and subcutis of the skin.


The lymphatic system forms part of the circulatory and immune systems.  Every day it removes litres of fluid which escapes from the blood capillaries and sits in the tissues, until the lymphatic system removes it and transports it back into the venous circulatory system.  Lymphoedema is a result of a dysfunctional lymphatic system, either by abnormal vessels/nodes from birth (primary) or damage sustained due to surgery, trauma etc. (secondary).  The aim of manual lymph drainage is to improve lymphatic flow and to redirect the lymph to healthy vessels/nodes.


MLD may be beneficial to the following conditions:  bronchial asthma, chronic inflammatory conditions, post-surgical and post trauma oedema, lymphoedema, lipoedema, burns, scars, arthropothy, stress, complex regional pain syndrome and others.


Combined decongestive therapy/decongestive lymphatic therapy

Treatment involves MLD, skin care, compression bandaging/garments and gentle exercises. 


It is used to treat lymphoedema, lipodema (bandaging is not applied in the early stages of treatment), phleboedema, lipolymphoedema and others.


Other treatments

Holistic massage

1 hour session = £40 

1.5 hours full body massage = £60


Aromatherapy massage

1 hour session = £45

1.5 hours full body aromatherapy massage = £65


Shiro Abhyanga (traditional Indian head massage)

45 minute session = £30

1 hour session including Chakra Balancing = £40


Gift vouchers are available. 


Clients coming for their first massage with Pam will need an additional 1/2 an hour for a full medical consultation.  This is on top of the treatment time they choose.


Pam provides an initial free 15 minute telephone consultation for people wishing to discuss treatment for specific conditions.




MLD/CDT - Dr Vodder Akademie, Austria

Diploma BSA in Aromatherapy/Holistic Massage, Bristol School of Holistic Therapies

Shiro Abhyanga Certificate (Traditional Indian Head Massage), Bristol School of Holistic Therapies

Abhyanga Shirodhara - Amarjeet Bharma, Ayurvedic Bodywork Council



Member of the British Lymphology Society

Member of MLDuk

Member of the Lymphoedema Support Network

Medical Insurance with Balens



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