Lisa Jones                                                                Psychotherapist and Health Coach

Lisa is a professional counsellor, psychotherapist and coach


Having spent years studying, training and through her own personal journey learning about mind-body connection, Lisa has an in depth  understanding of brain health and how mental, emotional and physical health are all interlinked.  Lisa offers person centred therapy and coaching with care that’s forward thinking and solution focused, tailored to the individual, helping you achieve the results and change you want, need and deserve.


Her passion is helping people who are suffering with symtpoms of chronic stress.  Stress can cause physical symptoms, take a toll on your emotional and mental well-being and leave you feeling like your resilience reserves are depleted.  Lisa is passionate about helping people feel in control again by using neurolinguistic psychotherapy techniques and drawing on the resources already available enabling them to learn positive thought patterns and behaviours promoting resilience, confidence and potential.  The specific focus of her work addresses the mind-body connection and the impact our language (self-talk) and belief system has on both physical and mental health.


Lisa is an accredited Coaching Practitioner, NLP Coach and Youth Coach as well as being a certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.  Lisa is also certified in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.


“Lisa is kind, friendly, patient, funny and very knowledgable. She changed my life dramatically and I will always be grateful. I would never hesitate to recommend her, if you have doubts booking a consultation, just go for it, as I’m sure you won’t regret it.”


“I was attracted to Lisa because of her background of having lived with debilitating pain. Many of the doctors I had seen over the years didn’t have first-hand experience of chronic headaches so I never felt they totally understood what I was going through. To be in the hands of someone who has been in the same situation as you, but is now free from pain, is worth its weight in gold.”


My rates are:

FREE 30 minute consultation


Coaching Prices

£75 per hour session

£400 for 6 sessions (paid in advance)

£850 for 12 week coaching programme tailored to the individual


Counselling Prices

£60 per counselling session (50 minute counselling hour)


Tel: 07492 903659