Matthew Wyatt: Psychotherapy

Wednesdays. Additional days may be possible.

I run both a general psychotherapy practice and a specialist collaborative service working with people suffering from persistent or complex pain. Over the years of working in different places with people who have a wide range of difficulties and issues, I appreciate that for many people taking the first step towards finding help can be the hardest part and can take great courage. My approach is to provide a safe and secure setting where I can work together with you to look at how you relate to other people, yourself and your past. By working together to find a sense of the past, you can better understand your present life and discover opportunities for change.



Having worked as a movement psychotherapist before training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, I also have a particular interest in working with the relationship between our bodies and our emotions; between the physical and the psychological, and particularly in the field of pain. As a result of this interest and in collaboration with physiotherapist Jenny Wickford, we have developed a service to meet the needs of people living with complex or persistent pain (see below).


In my private practice I have worked with people with a wide range of concerns. These have included university students struggling with issues from short term stresses to more complex difficulties; relationship issues and breakdowns, self harming behaviours, insomnia and anxiety. As well as seeing individuals in private practice, I also work at a charity called The Harbour which provides psychotherapy for people affected by life threatening illness which has given me extensive experience of working with illness, loss and bereavement.


Collaborative psychotherapy and physiotherapy for complex and persistent pain

Together with physiotherapist Jenny Wickford, I have developed a collaborative therapy for people with complex and persistent pain. This has been in response to the complex needs we have met in clients through the years. People are never just a body, or just their emotions, and whether there is emotional or physical pain, we believe in holding the wholeness of the individual in the therapy, with their body, mind and emotions.


In the therapy we thus consider your pain from a larger perspective. Dysfunction and pain can often be linked to experiences earlier in life, to experiences that might at first glance seem unrelated, as well as to beliefs about and meanings we assign to pain. Our work is based on a holistic model of understanding health and function, designed to look at everything from the different systems in your body, to the larger social, cultural and environmental systems that you are a part of.


We have a specific expertise in persistent pelvic/abdominal/hip pain and endometriosis. Please see the website below for more information.


Workshops and courses

Together with physiotherapist Jenny Wickford, I offer a workshop on health and wellbeing.



You can contact me by telephone or email where we can talk about arranging an initial meeting, whether this is for general psychotherapy or the specialist service for complex and persistent pain. This initial meeting is an opportunity for you to speak about what brings you to therapy, for you to see how the therapy works and how it might help you.


After this, if you would like to continue, we can agree a plan on how to move forward. We can review how the sessions are progressing when needed.



Mobile: 0758 429 6600

Phone: 0117 985 3482




£50 per 50-minute session

£80 for a joint 60-minute assessment together with physiotherapist


Qualifications and continued professional development

I previously completed my clinical training in Movement Psychotherapy (Master’s degree) at the Laban Centre and worked with students, teachers and parents in a wide range of educational settings.


I trained as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist at the Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy and am registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council.


I continue my professional development through regular supervision and through participating in further trainings.


I am a registered member of The British Psychoanalytic Council and The Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy.