Dr Yvon Guest: Counselling and Resilience Work

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Dr Yvon Guest: PhD, BSc, MBACP, Relate CC


I am a registered counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Therapy (MBACP) and BAATN (Black and Asian Therapists Network).  I have many years’ experience counselling couples and individuals and working with traumatised young people and adults in the voluntary sector and as a researcher.


At the heart of all meaningful and nurturing relationships is a healthy relationship with our self.  Counselling and resilience work offers the possibility to explore what we bring to our intimate and social relationships.  We all possess resources that have been tried and tested in our own lives – they are core aspects of our resilience that can enhance our interactions with others; on the other hand behaviours that might have been vital survival mechanisms during a difficult or traumatic childhood can prove problematic in our adult relationships.


People seek counselling when they feel their resilience is being tested.  Life changing events affect our relationships with ourselves and others.  Bereavement and loss, life changing illness, work related stress, job insecurity and unemployment are familiar themes in my counselling practice.  In addition, if we get overwhelmed and worn down by all the challenging stuff we may find ourselves unable to recognise or celebrate the good times.

Parenting presents some of the most rewarding experiences and difficult challenges for relationships.  Some couples may struggle to conceive whilst for others the joy of expecting a much wanted child can mean having to confront painful memories of childhood.


Sometimes just the everyday challenges of family life can seem daunting, sap our confidence and lead us to constantly question whether we are getting it right.


Starting counselling and resilience work – the 15 minute telephone consultation is free.  You will have the opportunity to discuss why you feel you need counselling and what I can offer you as a therapist.  If you decide to proceed we will begin with an initial session.  It’s really important to me that you feel you have the right counsellor.  If you decide to continue we can book six sessions and then review if you feel that is enough or want to continue.


Contact details

Mobile: 07933 666 886

Email: drguest@yvonguest.com                



Fees are on a sliding scale £40-£65 per hour.



Doctorate in Trauma and Resilience

Relate Certificate in Marital and Couple Counselling


Registered with the MBACP

Insured with Towergate Insurance