News and Reviews


We carried out a survey to find out what clients felt about the Clinic and the services we provide.  Over 90% of the respondents said they were "very likely" to recommend Southville Clinic.  The other 10% were "likely" to recommend us.  Some of the reasons clients gave as to why they liked the Clinic were:


  • Close to home.
  • Location, atmosphere, professionalism and good website.
  • Lots of different types of therapies offered. 
  • The feel of the place is very lovely.
  • Pleasant surroundings, variety of services, next to GP and respectful staff.
  • I like the environment, friendly people and range of services; there is a lot on offer.
  • Nice quiet, clean welcoming environment.  Room 21 always smells lovely and calming.
  • It's cosy and welcoming.
  • It's convenient.  I have been getting treatment from Gill (osteopath) for a while and I like the fact that it is linked to the GP practice.
  • Very relaxed atmosphere.  Excellent therapists.  Local.  Easy parking.
  • Hannah (counsellor) has been absolutely fundamental in helping me attempt to return to my normal behaviour.
  • Location, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Variety of services for health and well-being.
  • Everything - the whole 'ethos' is so patient orientated!  So very efficient :)
  • Pleasant rooms, easy access, good practitioners.  I see Caroline (massage) for regular massage.  She is very good and calming in her approach.  I find her very easy to talk to and massages help me relax.
  • Locality and range of complementary therapies.
  • It is welcoming, well organised.  The staff are very helpful.  I feel very relaxed here.
  • The ease of parking and being able to find it. 
  • Friendly staff.  Always clean and tidy.  Good location.  ( I live in north Bristol but it's easy to get here.)
  • Quiet, relaxed atmosphere.  Not too busy.  Local for us.
  • Malai (acupuncture and counselling), the location and its privacy.
  • Feels welcoming and warm.
  • Comfortable room.
  • Location/ease of parking.
  • Clean, relaxed and friendly.


Thank you to everyone who helped complete this survey.  We appreciate you taking the time to give your opinions about the Clinic and hope we will continue to keep these high standards in the years to come.